Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts

Experience magic each holiday season at the Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts

In late November or early December (depends on where Thanksgiving Day falls in the calendar of the year), the Chorus performs at the Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts at the Memorial Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many of the images on this website and the videos of performances are from recent Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts so you can gain an appreciation for how special a time they are.

You, too, can join us at a magnificent table where you will enjoy a night of fine dining, old English pageantry, and rich choral presentations by the Philharmonic Chorus. Come and be a part of the warmth, fellowship, and history that defines the Wisconsin Union and this enduring tradition.

Please use the link at the left of our website to go to the Memorial Union's Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts web site for links to tickets and seating possibilities.

The Feast

The Feast varies from year to year but always includes a multi-course meal of salad, main course, bread, and desert. Wine is available at a cash bar by the glass or bottle.

The desert is the famed Flaming Figgy Pudding with hard sauce

The Traditional Program

  • 5:45 pm, Main Lounge
    • Wassail bowl and hors d’oeuvres
  • 6:45 pm, Great Hall
    • Presentation of the Boar’s Head, a Tudor tradition
    • The Grand Processional and caroling
    • The Banquet Ceremonial and dinner
    • Strolling minstrels
    • The Figgy Pudding Ceremonial
    • A Yuletide Toast
    • A Celebration of Song from the Philharmonic Chorus of Madison
    • Carols for singing by all
One of the highlights of a recent Tudor Dinner concert was this very simple yet stunning work featuring double soprano soloists, Shannon O'Brien-Kaszuba and Katherine Rusch, "O Salutaris" by Eriks Esenvalds. You will hear talking and the clinking of dinnerware (Tudor Dinner is a dinner after all) but we hope you won't let that distract you overmuch.

This video features long-standing, and well-beloved, Chorus member tenor Paul Dvorak singing another simple yet very effective arrangement of "O Tannenbaum" ("O Christmas Tree") arranged by perhaps the greatest arranging duo of choral music in the United States Alice Parker and Robert Shaw.