The Chorus has a deep commitment to promoting choral music among young singers, a committment so deep it is in our Constitution:

Article III. 4. Sponsor activities to encourage talented local individuals to continue choral training and participation.

Each year the Chorus provides local high school students who have an interest in choral music with full-price scholarships to the Summer Music Camp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our hope is to encourage these students to continue their interest in music, whether as a career or simply as an avocation.

Since 1991, the chorus has awarded over $51,000 in scholarships to 116 high school students. In the last ten years alone, over $30,000 in scholarships were awarded to 57 students. The winners are among many talented juniors and seniors who gather for a week to improve their performance under the guidance of UW faculty and staff. While their stay on campus is brief, it can make a big difference.

One of the awards each year is named in honor of Julia Landmark Foster, our beloved accompanist of 57 years. The recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award has demonstrated performing interest in both choral and piano literature.

2016 Scholarship Winners

  • Regan Bolt, Cambridge High School
  • Jane Hobson, Madison East High School
  • Marielle Shiring, Edgewood High School (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award)

2015 Scholarship Winners

  • Michaela Bieno, Oregon High School
  • Selena Harris, Waunakee High School
  • Sophia Pandelidis, Edgewood High School

2014 Scholarship Winners

  • Debora Barr, McFarland High School
  • Jasmine England, Oregon High School
  • Gwen Miller, Edgewood High School

2013 Scholarship Winners

  • Carley Caviezel, McFarland High School
  • Maren Madsen, Edgewood High School
  • Sarah Fons, Stoughton High School
  • Sydney Thering, Marshall High School
  • Amanda Venske, Waunakee High School

2012 Scholarship Winners

  • Jack Buettner, Edgewood High School
  • Kelly Dawson, Cambridge High School (Julia Foster recognition)
  • Alyssa Marckesano, Madison West High School
  • Kate Zobel, McFarland High School

2011 Scholarship Winners

  • Sheridan Hearn, Edgewood High School
  • Conley Potter, McFarland (Julia Foster recognition)
  • Dhyana Rabe, Madison East High School
  • Allison Weber, Oregon High School

2010 Scholarship Winners

  • Kathleen Brown, Oregon High School
  • Jessica Henning, Waunakee High School
  • Emily Neal, Edgewood High School
  • Alyse Webe, McFarland High School
  • Tatyana Nahirniak, Monona Grove High School
  • Joshua Ryan , Madison East High School

2009 scholarship winners

  • Julianna Jerosch, Abundant Life Christian School in Madison
  • Kaitlin Topinka, Sun Prairie High School
  • Ben Psyk, McFarland High School
  • Mitchell Rufer, DeForest High School
  • Luke Hrovat-Staedter, West High School
  • Sarah Lemon, Middleton High School

2008 scholarship winners

  • Abbi Olson, DeForest High School
  • Sarah Maslin, Madison West High (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster Award)
  • Garrett Martin, Marshall High School
  • Beau Peregoy, McFarland High School 
  • Anastasia Grindle, Middleton High School
  • Meaghan Kuehn, Waunakee High School

2007 scholarship winners:

  • Brian Cowing, Middleton High School
  • Fiona Findlater, Edgewood High School
  • Kelsey Kubale, Stoughton High School
  • Kasey Shannon, DeForest High School (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award)

2006 scholarship winners:

  • Vanessa Anderson, Madison West High School (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award)
  • Katherine DeYoung, Marshall High School
  • Emily Tarrell, Edgewood High School
  • Alyssa Wirth, Waunakee High School

2005 scholarship winners:

  • Bobby Arnold, Edgewood High School
  • Elyse Lofgren, Madison East High School
  • Jessica Mestelle, Sun Prairie High School (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award)
  • Angela Pennack, Marshall High School

2004 scholarship winners:

  • Jessica Connor, Deerfield High School
  • Nicholas Drayton, Middleton High School (Recipient of the Julia Landmark Foster award)
  • Melanie Meyer, Edgewood High School
  • Amanda Smith, Madison East High School
  • Ray Tucker, Marshall High School