In early December, the Chorus performs at the Tudor Holiday Dinner Concerts at the Memorial Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the spring of each year, the Chorus presents several concerts in late April and early May. The Chorus occasionally performs at other events or goes on tour. In 2002, the Chorus took a tour of the British Isles.

With the advent of modern internet social computing, specifically YouTube, we now have the means to let you see and hear some of our recent performances, some of which you will find scattered among our website's pages. There are too many videos to put on our website (which, in any case, would defeat the purpose of YouTube entirely). Here are links to several YouTube channels that have more videos of both Tudor Dinner and Spring Concert performances:

  • The Philharmonic Chorus YouTube channel.
  • Our director, Pat Gorman, is internet savvy and he has posted videos of the Philharmonic Chorus (as well as other choirs for whom he is the conductor) on his own YouTube channel Gorman's Choirs. You can find there several playlists of Philharmonic Chorus Tudor Dinner performances, including ten from 2011!

As one might imagine with an organization that has a 65-year history, we have quite a lot of historical information about past concerts. Check out our History found on the menu above to see concert programs going back nearly ten years. You'll see we do perform choral music from an impressive four centuries of choral literature.

We hope you enjoy them (please be sure to sign our Guestbook--see the bottom of this page).